Kevin Landau of The Landau Group

This site serves as a public service to warn clients and defendants against the possibly unethical practices, legal exposure, and financial dangers of working with Kevin A. Landau and The Landau Group. Their track record speaks for itself: bombastic lawsuits paired with sensational headlines, targeting as many defendants as possible, including enormous corporations with millions of dollars to spend on their defense, that ultimately fizzle out in court and are quickly dismissed as “frivolous” by a judge, of course not without first costing Kevin Landau’s clients an arm and a leg, tens of thousands of dollars in fees, and leaving them with nothing to show for it but humiliation.

Many people have said that Kevin Landau and The Landau Group draw a substantial income by filing poorly-written lawsuits catering to the delusions and less-than-average intelligence of their clients, preying on the gullibility of people on the fringe of the entertainment industry who think they deserve something for nothing, and squeezing them for every last drop of their cash, even pursuing their own clients in court over unpaid fees. The facts and cases are presented here so you can judge for yourself.

Frivolous lawsuits are an abuse of the legal system and give good lawyers a bad name.